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20 September 2018



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Chibble is a fun and addictive matching game for kids and adults. Chibbles are cute little aliens from Betelgeuse that have been stranded on Earth. Your challenge is to match 3 or more Chibbles of the same color to beam them back home. Earn extra points for matching more than 3 Chibbles and for matching the elusive Rainbow Chibbles. Sounds easy? It is at first, but watch out for the stubborn Chibbles who don’t want to leave and the giant Chibbles blocking the path home. Three types of game play are available: Classic, Zen and Speed


When developing Chibble, the aim was to produce a game that was easy to play, engaging to look at and enjoyable to listen to. It was also designed to offer several different game play modes that offered either relaxing experiences or more challenging experiences. Version one of Chibble was released in 2014 and achieved almost 1 million downloads and a 4.3 star rating over the next few years. Buoyed by this success and a desire to update Chibble, Glen has now released version two of the game which he has called Chibble: Remastered. Chibble: Remastered has the same fantastic game play of the original Chibble, but with redesigned graphics that are sure to be even more engaging and fun.


  • Simple play with moves up and down, left and right.
  • 9 Chibble jelly Monsters with eyes that follow your movements.
  • Cute sounds.
  • Prize machine to dress your chibbles.
  • A great soundtrack!


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